Kite Flying And Easter Buns

This Easter weekend in Guyana,my homeland,thousands of men and women,young and old will turn out to fly kites.It is a vivid kaleidescope of colour and light,a warm,friendly household outing that give lots of youngsters an significant bonding expertise with their parents.

I have been unable to uncover the origins of this national occasion in Guyana. None of the neighboring nations in South America and the Caribbean have equivalent mass kite flying. It has been recommended that Guyanese kite flying is their way of celebrating the risen Christ.In multi-cultural Guyana Kite flyers are not only Christian but Muslim and Hindu.Our nation of six peoples have amongst them men and women who initially came from China and India–two nations which have extended kite flying traditions.

In Jamaica, exactly where I lived for lots of years, Easter is linked with bun and cheese consuming.The Easter Bun is loaf sized and spicy. Our minds have tremendous associative energy.Easter brings photos of kite flying,Palm Sunday processions,Hot Cross Buns, Very good Friday Fish meals and Jamaican Easter Buns. This is a fusion of my years in Guyana and Jamaica.

Guyanese hot cross buns are little and round with a cross on them.I guess we inherited them from our British masters.As Easter Weekend kite flying is exclusive to Guyana so are Jamaican Easter Buns which, as far as I know ,are only obtainable in Jamaica or in substantial Jamaican communities.

My thoughts goes back to the 80's when I watched in fascination as our 'helper' Maureen created Easter Buns. It was a production that incorporated stout,raisins,eggs,mixed spice,nutmeg and cinnamon.Jamaican Easter Buns are traditionally eaten with processed cheese obtainable in substantial cans.

My childhood memories of kite flying Kite Flying in Guyana are of acquiring up at five a.m to be prepared by six o'clock so that we could get a excellent space on the sea wall that protected the city of Georgetown from the Atlantic. My thoughts dredges up snap shots of a stark blue sky filled bustenhancers with lots of thousands of colorful dots swaying in the Atlantic breezes. Thre are other shots of extended kite tails sky dancing,buzzing falling kites, the thrill of reeling out twine,hoisting kites,tangled twine and kite tails.

A lot of societies claim to be the initially kite flyers -China,India and the South pacific islanders are amongst the most persistent claimers.The most popular kite flying story I know is about is Ben Franklin's experiment to prove that lightning is electrical energy by flying a kite in a storm. Please do not try to replicate this unsafe experiment!

This Easter Guyanese about the globe will bond if you mention kite flying.For Jamaicans wherever they reside Easter will not be Easter without having bun and cheese.Easy photos,daily actions that bring men and women collectively generating them really feel unique.

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