Collecting Tennis Autographs By Mail

Irrespective of whether you are a fan of tennis or you just get pleasure from collecting sports autographs, sending your requests by means of the mail will save you each time and cash. Since the majority of sports also have a Hall of Fame that recognizes it really is most outstanding players, a lot of fans have discovered good accomplishment in requesting autographs in their care. Tennis, like most other preferred sports, has a Hall of Fame that characteristics inductees from previous to present.

If you would like to send an autograph request, be positive to include things like your return address in the upper left hand corner of the envelope and also include things like a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) with adequate postage for your signed item to be returned. Beneath is a list of all living inductees of the International Tennis Hall of Fame, along with the mailing address in which to send your requests.

Mailing Address:

International Tennis Hall of Fame

194 Bellevue Ave.

Newport, RI 02840


Anderson, Malcolm

Austin, Tracy

Becker, Boris

Behr, Karl

Betz (Addie), Pauline

Borg, Bjorn

Brough (Clapp), Louise

Buchholz, Earl

Bueno, Maria

Cahil, Mabel

Casals, Rosie (Rosemary)

Chatrier, Philippe

Cheney, Dorothy

Clerici, Gianni

Collins, Arthur

Connors, James

Cooper, Ashley

Courier, Jim

Court Smith, Margaret

Cullman, Joseph

Douglass Lambert Chambers, Dorothea

duPont, Margaret

Durr, Francoise

Edberg, Stefan

Emerson, Roy

Evert, Christine

Falkenburg, Robert

Fraser, Neale

Fry-Irvin, Shirley

Goolagong Cawley, Evonne

Graf, Steffi

Really hard, Darlene

Hart, Doris

Haydon Jones, Adrianne

Hewitt, Robert

Hunt, Lamar

Jacobs, Helen

Kelleher, Robert

King, Billie Jean

Kodes, Jan

Kramer, Jack

Larsen, Arthur

Laver, Rod

Lendl, Ivan

Mako, Constantine

Mandlikova, Hana

Martin, Alastair

McEnroe, John

McGregor, Ken

McMillian, Frew

McNeill, William

Mortimer Barett, Florence

Mulloy, Gardnar

Nastase, Ilie

Navratilova, Martina

Newcombe, John

Noah, Yannick

Novotna, Jana

Olmedo, Alejandro

Patty, John

Pietrangeli, Nicola

Rafter, Patrick

Ralston, Richard

Richards, Vincent

Richey, Nancy

Riggs, Robert

Roche, Anthony

Rose, Mervyn

Rosewall, Kenneth

Sabatini, Gabriela

Santana, Manuel

Savitt, Richard

Sedgnam, Frank

Segura Caano, Francisco

Seixas, Elias

Shriver, Pam

Smith, Stanley

Stolle, Fredrick

Tingay, Lance

Tinling, Cuthbert

Tobin, Brian

Trabert, Tony

Turner Bowrey, Lesley

Van Ryn, John

Vilas, Guillermo

Von Cramm, Gottfried

Wade, Sarah

Wilander, Mats

Wood, Sidney

Wrenn, Robert

Now that you know who to create to and exactly where to send the letter, it really is time to contemplate what form of autograph you want to request. Quite a few fans just ask their favored tennis player to send a signed photo, but other individuals get far more inventive with sending their personal tennis memorabilia to be signed. One particular preferred instance is a tennis ball, which can be shipped inexpensively and will make for a terrific addition to any autograph collection. Some fans also choose to send blank index cards, t-shirts, trading cards, amateur images that they have taken of their favored tennis star or other sports-connected memorabilia.

It is crucial to note that a lot of tennis players are far more than prepared to accommodate their fans with autograph requests. It is equally crucial that, due to time and scheduling, tennis fans be patient with their favored athlete(s) who are usually on the go and acquire a lot of fan mail. There is no way to assure who will or will not sign autographs, but a kindly worded letter, a SASE and sending 1 or two products to be signed will considerably enhance the possibilities of accomplishment. It is a very good thought to in no way send far more than two products to be autographed and usually be polite in your request. Delighted collecting!

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